The Most Valuable Characteristics Of Leadership

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Time is running out. Pressure is accumulating. There are decisions to be made and actions to be taken, but this time Superman is not around to save the day. Who will step in? Only a true leader can leap into hectic situations and handle the pressure with equanimity. We don’t look to mediocre talent to solve problems, but rather we gaze upon the godly characteristics that a leader possesses. Finding a leader is not like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?”, but rather it’s more like watching a blazing firework illuminate the dark sky. The characteristics that make someone stand out from the rest are represented in something I like to call the three C’s to succeed. The most valuable characteristics of leadership are confidence, creativity, and commitment. A leader that possesses those characteristics is as invincible as Hercules. To begin, it is crucial for a leader to have confidence. Trying to be a leader without first building confidence is like constructing a house on a foundation of sand, its unreliable and shaky. Leadership is about having unbreakable confidence to make tough decisions when no one else will. There isn’t a manual that tells you how to become self-confident, but it all begins with knowing who you are and realizing that while success is the main goal learning from your failures is the most important adjustment. Confidence is developed by trusting yourself to make the best informed decision that will satisfy the needs of many. Trusting yourself is the direct
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