The Most Vital Period Of Time Is Now

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Definition of Project Martin, McCormack, Fitzsimons, & Spirig (2014), support the commonly shared idea that “a shared vision is a key element in leading organizations and in change” (p. 2). Seagram has begun the process of implementing a shared vision in regard to company-wide values. These values truly do encompass the values of the organization as a whole, as they were selected by not only upper management, but suggested by employees in all levels of leadership. Though a potential solution has been addressed and suggested, it is important that Seagram be held accountable to the lofty goals they have set. These values will be the foundation upon which Seagram will grow for decades to come. However, the most vital period of time is…show more content…
Corporate values have become the structure upon which the employees grow and develop. Companies have adopted this strategy in order to provide a shared vision and shared culture among upper leadership and employees alike.
Currently, Seagram has begun the process of core value implementation. To date, values have been decided among by both the upper management as well as 300 employees through eight- to ten-person focus groups. The agreed upon values are respect, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and quality. Training has taken place to launch the core values among the top 1,200 leaders. This is training is imperative as Seagram’s leadership will be the driving force behind changing the culture of the organization. If the upper management does not quickly adopt the new culture and begin to embody these five values, the initiative will not be success among the remaining Seagram employees.
The end state goal, however, is to ensure the values are not only accepted by each member of the Seagram 1,500, but embraced as the underlying culture of Seagram moving forward. The upcoming changes fall under a beliefs versus behavior category. Employees may express belief in the core values and find agreement with their direct manager that this improvement will be beneficial to Seagram as a whole, but the complete implementation of this strategy is proven by behavior not belief. Behaviors will be measured based on each of the five core values established and employees as well as
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