The Mother And Father : The Father Of The Father

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As defined by the world, a father is typically considered a man who gave contributed to the process of creating a child and being there for it. However, why does it have to be specifically a man? Nowadays, there are many single moms because of how cowardly the “father” was on in raising a child. I agree that a father is a hard worker, supplier, and determined to carry their family on their shoulders, but I do not agree that it has to necessarily be a male. The world’s toughest job is the job of being a mother, and to add twice the amount of work in raising a child or children is stupendous. Thus, being the mother and father, they receive twice the love and affection from their babies. To the more open minded and experienced people, including myself, a father is a strong, independent mother who dominates both roles to her children without complaint. Surprisingly, I am not the first to have this idea. In the Old English language, the meaning of father was “he who begets a child, nearest male ancestor,” or “any lineal male ancestor; the Supreme Being.” Then, in the late Old English, around the eleventh century, the definition became “one who exercises parental care over another.” The word itself kept evolving and evolving throughout the other ten centuries. It gathered emotional adaptations from religions, giving it a definition from “creator, inventor, author” to “anything that gives rise to something else” in the late fourteenth century. The intellectuals of the english
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