The Mother And The Baby Enter The Room

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SECURE Scenario 3: The mother and the baby enter the room. The baby slowly moves away from the mother checking back periodically for reassurance. When the mother leaves the room, the baby gets very upset. When the mother returns the baby is able to be comforted by the mother.

The experience of attachment is one of pleasure and comfort, crucial in the healthy development of forming relationships for infants and children. The concept of attachment is a positive emotional bond between a child and an individual of particular importance to the child. According to the earliest of scientific developments, children who form social bonds with their direct caregivers ultimately lead a more well-balanced and fulfilling life. Forming the appropriate bonds with an infant is especially important during their first year of development. During this sensitive period, the infant’s brain is rapidly growing and the emotion-focused area is particularly susceptible.
Although there is still debate on whether memories of personal experiences in infancy transcend into adulthood, it is well understood that infants rely on what they have experienced to retrieve emotions. Therefore, infants with engaged and responsive caregivers are known to develop healthier relationships and a stronger ability to manage stress.
In an experiment on infant attachment, much like the Ainsworth Strange Situation developed by Mary Ainsworth, observing a number of mothers and their infants provides an opportunity to…
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