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The Mother Daughter Relationship in The Kitchen God's Wife Relationships mold people's thoughts and the way they live their lives. One very important relationship is the relationship between parents and their children. Parents are the first teachers of children. The most significant lesson one learns from them is love. When a baby is first born it instantly will feel love from the mother. A mother loves and nurtures her baby while it is still in her womb making the relationship between a mother and her child stronger than any other relationship. Only a woman can nurture her baby by using only her body. The bond between the mother and daughter is even more intense because they share the same femininity. A mother and…show more content…
"In my heart there is a little room. And in that room there is a little girl, still six years old. She is always waiting, an achy hoping, and hoping beyond reason."(403). Winnie was unable to remember her mother's name because it wasn't mentioned in her childhood. When Winnie does remember her mother she remembers exceptionally odd happenings. Winnie can only remember just minor visions of her mother. She can remember her mother combing her hair. A young girl learns beauty techniques from her mother, combing their being one of them. Winnie watches her mother comb her hair; her mother doesn't pay attention to her little girl watching. She continues combing her hair not offering to show Winnie or to teach her, symbolizing the disconnected relationship they share. Another vision Winnie has of her mother is just of her admiring herself in the mirror, examining her face. Winnie merely standing behind her mother while she examines herself in the mirror, she never turned around to acknowledge that her daughter was standing behind her. The last memory Winnie has for her mother is her my offering her an English biscuit. The memories Winnie has of her mother show indifference and the absence of love. A child can always remember the time that they have felt loved by their mother or when their mother made them feel secure. The only memory Winne has of her
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