The Mother Of A Legend

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The Mother of a Legend (Me) “A lot of times in life, you have to do things you don’t feel like doing.” This is a quote my siblings and I have heard from my mom many times. Whenever we didn’t want to do schoolwork, go to events, or interact with others a certain way, my mother would remind us that just because we don’t want to do something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. She would also let us know that there is either a reward or punishment for whatever we decide to or not to do. I never fully realized how worthy my mom was to say this until recently, when she graduated with her Master’s degree in education. With all the obligations my mom has, this would seem to be an impossible feat. On the contrary, she made it happen. The first…show more content…
This means that she has to plan and MC the service. On every Sunday, while either leading praise service or singing in the choir, her total focus and dedication towards pleasing God shines like the rays from the sun. Even when her throat hurts and voice is hoarse, she still gives it her all. Outside of actual service, you can usually find my mom engaging in positive and joyous conversation with other Saints of the church. To illustrate, she’s the First Lady of our church. So, many times people like to talk to my mom for help, guidance, or just so they can get someone to listen to them. My mom welcomes these encounters, and never tries to get out of them by leaving the building before anyone can stop her. Even if she’s tired, or has some other work to do elsewhere, she allows people to reach her. One of these encounters might be my mom heading towards the doors of the church with dreary eyes and the sound of her bed calling in her ear. On her way, she gets stopped by a woman saying, “Excuse me, can I talk to you about something?” Nothing escapes from my mom other than a smile and gracious “Of course.” All that could be heard from her while in this little meeting were words of encouragement and appropriate guidance. If one pays close attention, the warmth of support and encouragement towards people can be deeply felt. Of course, my mom’s profession could not be left out. For some years now, my mom has been an elementary school teacher. She teaches
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