The Mother Of A Prince Essay

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She was the daughter of a Prince who governed a small state in Greece. Her Mother was also of royal blood. Her parents were without children. They were idolaters. They continually offered sacrifices and prayers to their false gods. A doctor from Rome named Publius lived in the palace in the service of her father. This doctor professed Christianity. Seeing the affliction of her parents, by the impulse of the Holy Spirit, he spoke to them of Christianity, and promised to pray for them if they consented to receive Baptism. The grace which accompanied his words enlightened their understanding and triumphed over their will. They became Christians and obtained the long desired happiness that Publius had assured them as the reward of their conversion. At the moment of her birth, they gave her the name of "Luminas," an allusion to the light of Faith of which she had been, as it were, the fruit. The day of her Baptism they called her"Filumena," or "Daughter of Light," because on that day she was born to the Faith. The affection which her parents bore her was so great that they had her always with them. She made a promise to Jesus Christ of her virginity belongs to him. Philomena’s parents did all they could to convince her to surrender to Diocletian’s wishes and theirs too. Philomena answered her parents that she cannot do their wish, for the love of a man to break the promise that she had made to Jesus Christ. Her virginity belongs to him. She can no longer dispose of it. But her
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