The Mother's Role Of Mother And Motherhood

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From the beginning of time mothers and motherhood has been seen as a structure of comfort, safety, and familiarity. Due to the way society has conditioned people to think the mother is usually the sole nurturer and provides family a place to ground themselves whenever life begins to shift. In times of extreme strife and change the one thing that a person would want to stay constant is the comforts of family and the mother figure would be the one who provides that comfort. Refugees in particular experience drastic changes and shifts in lifestyle in a short amount of time. Picking up and leaving everything is extremely hard and if a person is too attached to their material possessions then they would feel as though they are leaving a part of them behind. That's why the mother’s role of helping their child to have a sense of self is so crucial i navigating refugeehood. Therefore, when understanding refugee’s adaptability and how they view themselves and how society views, it is important to understand the complex relationships they develop with their mothers. Through dissecting and analyzing the relationships refugees have with their mothers one will be better able to understand how large of a role subjectivity plays on their lives.
The Nurturing Mother The ideal mother figure would be one who is nurturing supportive and someone you can turn to whenever there are issues or a conflict you need help solving. These type of mothers hold you at night and wipe away your tears. War
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