The Motif Of Water On Jay Gatsby

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The Motif of Water on Jay Gatsby: A Boat Pushed Back Against the Current
In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the motif of water is prevalent throughout the entirety of the story, seen frequently when Jay Gatsby, a prominent character, is present. Gatsby is a rich man who lives on the same island in New York as the main character Nick Carraway, who has just moved from the West in order to pursue a career in bonds. His cousin, Daisy, lives across the bay from the houses of Nick and Gatsby with her husband Tom, a former schoolmate of Nick. Nick becomes close to Gatsby over the course of the summer, as well as Jordan Baker, a friend of Daisy’s. Gatsby contacts him through her and she also tells Nick about Gatsby’s past and later Gatsby explains that he was once in love with Daisy when they both lived in Kentucky and wants to be with her again. Through Nick, Gatsby and Daisy meet and fall in love again, while at the same time Tom has an affair with a woman from the city, Myrtle. One day, Tom, Nick, Daisy, Gatsby, and Jordan drive to New York and Tom discovers that Gatsby and Daisy have an affair. Distressed, Gatsby and Daisy leave in Tom’s car and on the way back Daisy runs over Tom’s mistress, killing her. Eventually Myrtle’s husband discovers through Tom that it was Gatsby who killed her and goes to seek revenge. Gatsby is killed by Myrtle’s husband while lounging in his pool that was about to be drained, signaling the end of the novel. In The Great Gatsby, the author

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