The Motif of Ernest Hemingway´s A Farewell to Arms

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The world contains many recurring events that remind humans of morals or things that are important. In the novel “A Farewell to Arms” many events come again and again. Usually, these events that repeat or come again have a deeper message inscribed in the text. This is not unlike whereas the novel “The Great Gatsby” has weather that unfailingly matches up with the tone and mood of the text. The author Ernest Hemingway has created “A Farewell to Arms” with a motif that is very precise. The motif of rain and nature in Hemingway’s novel divulges that there are things that a human beings cannot control; making them recognize what they lack and how life can bring sadness.
The constant appearance of rain allows for sadness to be foreshadowed;
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The rain which is death the leaves which represent life, fell and rotted. Rain is a spontaneous thing and is not scheduled, planned and is not in our power. Nature has a mind of its own and for humans or the people in the war to have that power are supernatural which one cannot have that kind of power. Also, humans are not capable of controlling life itself. If that were to happen in this world, there would be chaos in power and no one would be able to die peacefully and obtain that beauty of dying a heroic death. Life cannot be controlled and some people see death as a beauty for it takes humanity to God. But in life, there are many things that have been with us but when we realize that it is gone, we are burdened with our own sadness.
Ronald Oliver, a director said that “Women don't know what they want. Men never know what they have.” The rain in the novel alters the characters mind to remind them of what they do not have. The rain brings this quote into thought about what Henry sees and feels. “You knew it rained down that sweet love Catherine down might rain...” (Hemingway, 197). When he says this, he’s looking at the rain and wishes that he could be in her arms and that he too could hold her one more time in his arms. He sees the rain and sees his pains and wishes deeply that he

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