The Motivation For Entrepreneurs, And The Definition Of Entrepreneur

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During my literature review I have found many publications covering multiple topics associated with the motivation for entrepreneurs, and the definition of entrepreneur. I have found publications covering topics such as, history of entrepreneurship, the influence of social and educational background, positives and negatives of entrepreneurship, characteristics of entrepreneurs etc. All of these come together to paint a full picture and give clear insight into the motivations of an entrepreneur. However, as the economy continues to change with new technology, so does the role and demands and the role of an entrepreneur. With this new technology, comes more opportunities for entrepreneurship and emphasising on the need for innovation. Often they are required to work in multiple different roles, especially in smaller companies or companies in their earlier stage of trading. With the ease of access to information through web 2.0, stories of successful entrepreneur have also glorified the image of an entrepreneur. This has been key element in the rise in the number of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should be at the forefront of the changes in economy to stay relevant, allowing them to keep up with competitors. The motivation for entrepreneurship can be seen to stem from two driving forces, individual motivation and macro-economic variables. The first thing I sought out during my literature review was the definition of entrepreneurship. Many people have tried to define
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