The Motivation Of Employees Are Only Motivated By Money

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"Employees are only motivated by money"
Critically evaluate the theories of motivation in relation to this statement.

Motivation is a hugely important aspect in the lives of working people, generally. It gives people the will to keep going, and at the same time, allows them to work towards something, and have something to aim for. Whilst money is a well received incentive to help keep employees on task, it is often thought of as the only motivator. Employees react well to a number of motivational incentives, with money being only one of them.

Money plays an important role in our society and always has. It therefore acts as a very powerful tool to keep employees - and people generally - motivated at work. It is thought of as an aspiration by many young people, something to be achieved; to be rich or, at least to be comfortable in their future finances. There is also an underlying theme amongst young people wanting to be self dependant, not dependant on their parents for money. This, again, leads to the 'dream ' of having money in order to be self sufficient, with this idea motivating them to be more committed in school and other aspects of life. The fact that money is such a huge part of the society we live in, may be the reason for these contributing factors towards motivation.

However, the statement "Employees are only motivated by money" can be debated, with many theories and studies to contradict the idea that money is the only motivator for employees. For…
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