The Motivational Factor Behind Transformational Leadership

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In this article, the researcher intends to address the motivational factor behind transformational leadership. The study indicates that transformational leadership has a direct relationship with motivating employees in a workplace if well implemented. The study also reveals how managers can achieve the above theory in a place of work. According to Grant, engagement in charismatic and visionary behaviors motivates followers, resulting in enhanced job performance. On the other hand, the research focuses on the relationships between beneficiary contact and the transformational leadership. Also, the author addresses the role of pro-social impact on beneficiary contact,
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All of these variables work fluidly through the influence of an administrator 's performance in order to meet the organization’s goals.

The publisher shows the relationship between the variables through the application of OLS regression. Through this technique, he finds that transformational leadership is positively correlated to supervisor performance on a higher beneficiary contact. However, with little beneficiary contact, the variables negatively correlate with one another (Grant, 2012, p. 467). By doing so, the pro-social impact directly enhances both supervisor psychological performances. Based on this evidence, the researcher concludes that the perceived pro-social impact mediates the interrelation among transformational leadership and follower performance at all the levels of beneficiary contact (Grant, 2012, p. 470). Therefore, both transformational leadership and recipient contact motivates fans to show outstanding performance as indicated by the research.
Grant may trust the relationships even in the absence of the hypotheses because of the results obtained from Table 4. According to the research, the pro-social impact anticipated the supervisor’s performance despite controlling some of the variables such as transformational leadership, beneficiary contact, and their interactions. From the table results, the role of pro-social impact still enhances the connections between transformational leadership and the performance just as it
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