The Motivational Power Of Social Media Essay

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#Fitspo, #CleanEating and #HealthyLiving: The Motivational Power of Social Media It’s not really about whether we ‘do’ social media, it’s about how well we ‘do’ it. In today’s frenetic society, its multiple platforms can provide endless stimulation and support, particularly if you’re finding it tough to stay focused on your health and fitness goals. Likes, Blogs, Snapchats, Pins, Tweets and Posts … they’re all part of a dizzying, digital ecosystem that is changing our world and our lives, everyday. But why is social media so powerful? Social media is informative and can arm us with an endless stream of information with one click. Chatting on Twitter can give you access to like-minded people, Facebook links to events that can motivate you into tackling new challenges, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat provide visual inspiration and blogs can answer questions about innumerable fads and wellness journeys. And it’s supportive. Strong evidence suggests that interaction is a key factor in improving people’s fitness, because social media platforms provide a complex reinforcement system. Social media also provides links to other technology. There are currently over 100,000 fitness apps available and they can do anything from posting your morning run stats to Facebook to charting every aspect of your journey – from monitoring food intake and sleep patterns to tracking improvements in your muscle mass. So what are the most powerful channels in the health and fitness sphere?

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