The Motivations Of The Founding Fathers

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The Motivation of The Founding Fathers

The Motivations of the Founding Fathers
Alexis Williams
Pols 1101
Dr. McCurdy – Lab 1
August 28, 2014

The Motivations of The Founding Fathers
The founding Fathers were men of great knowledge and bravery. They were left with the task of revolutionizing America into the world power that it is now. From gaining independence from England, to the revolutionary war their impact has gone beyond what was expected. This impact has also extended to what we know as the constitutional convention. During the convention the founders had to coincide with their peoples needs and the challenges that they were faced with in order the fix their government in a way that could benefit America then and as well as in the future. With the incoming of immigrants, slave trade, and a debt to pay back, the founders were faced with a lot of challenges. The key to understanding the motives of the founding fathers is to consider all of the political attributes that affected the decision-making. Though the main purpose of the Convention was to reshape the government in an organized manner, it was also meant allow for peace within the colonies. The founders also wanted to make sure that all of the states were represented equally insuring a balance of power between the states and government.
At the constitutional convention every state had representation regardless of if it was small or large. One of those states involved was Maryland,…

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