The Motor Of The Automobile

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The automobile has been an extremely prominent part of today’s society. It is a necessity among the worlds population to own a car or have access to one because they help meet the peoples demands. The automobile provides a huge freedom of mobility for the people because without this incredible machine many everyday events could not be possible. The electric car was born and built in the late 1800’s by William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa. Morrison was always considered a “wiz kid” of the battery and was always interested in the chemistry of a storage battery and behind how it worked as a young man. The electric car from its birth to present day has evolved greatly. At the electric cars birth, the electric automobile started out having 24 storage battery cells that were mounted under the front seat. The 24 batteries had an output of 112 amperes at 58 volts that took 10 hours to recharge. Each cell weighed 32 pounds. The motor pushed out about 4 horsepower and was mounted beneath the carriage and was then geared to the rear axle of the automobile (American Automobiles). In the mid 1900’s the electric cars desire decreased due to the fact, that consumers wanted long-range access, more horsepower, and also there was a readily available supply of gasoline. In today’s society Electric cars have greatly evolved. The original lead-acid battery’s used in the automobiles were replaced by nickel-metal hydride battery’s. These newly replaced battery doubled range…
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