The Motorcycle Market Is Broken Out Into The U.s. And International Markets

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The motorcycle market is broken out into the U.S. and International markets with a focus on males between 18 to 24 years-old and totaling and estimated 35.3 million people in 1980. As previously mentioned, 6% of the sales have been to women and this number appears to be increasing followed “by professionals and business people in their late 40s and 50s…which is older, more conservative, and often rides long distances with their spouses on luxury vehicles.” (pg 639) Internationally, the percentage of sales from exports has increased from 13.2% in 1983 to 30.9% in 1990, which shows significant potential for growth of market opportunities. The market demographics spans from 18 to 60+ years-old and both men and women in all climates that have…show more content…
(See exhibit). This positioning aligns the product offerings to the niche market segment Harley-Davidson is holding to and defending. Marketing Goals and Objectives Harley-Davidson must reclaim market share by 39.8% (9.8% in the US and 28.1% internationally) each year by infiltrating the motorcycle market through expansion of the HOG chapters and memberships by offering the member 10% off Harley Gear accessories, sponsorship and exhibiting at motorcycle tradeshows, as well as working with the 851 dealers to organize HOG rallies and Harley rides to promote the company and to benefit charities. (see exhibit) In addition to these expectations, Harley-Davidson will design and manufacture a helmet and work with vendors of Harley-Davidson branded clothing and accessories to add protection for the riders that is specifically marketed to the HOG chapters, and provided to all members. It is critical for Harley-Davidson, as a company, to assist in lowering the percentage of how likely a person is to die in a motorcycle crash compared to in a car. If individuals believe that they are safer on a motorcycle, than more will be likely to purchase one. Harley-Davidson must also double the 6% of sales to women to 12% by
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