The Mountain Lion And August Recital

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Images of the female embodiment are rich in both The Mountain Lion and June Recital, although they are manifested in different ways. Each story focuses on different aspects of womanhood. The Mountain Lion, with more potent imagery, addresses Molly’s (a young pre-pubescent girl) inevitable but dreaded transition into adolescence. June Recital focuses on Miss Eckhart, as she ages and struggles with unrequited maternal affection. While the stories address issues opposite each other in the stages of a female life, there is a thread that ties the two works together. Childhood, and elderliness are the points in a female’s life when she is not seen as an object of sexual desire. More accurately, they are the periods in a woman’s life, especially during the time when these works were written, that it is culturally acceptable for a female to be free to be herself, and not expected to conform her behavior and appearance to what is culturally considered sexually appealing. This paper will focus predominantly on female embodiment in The Mountain Lion, but will use various depictions of embodiment in June Recital to tie these images into the larger theme of womanhood. Adolescence is the beginning of development into womanhood and the stage of preparation for societies expectations of femininity. This transition is a process that Stafford’s Molly resents. Molly is an intelligent character and she knows that she does not fit the mold physically, or psychologically. Molly is unashamed of…

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