The Mountain Man Brewing Company Expansion

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Mountain Man Brewing Company is considering an expansion of its product line due to declining revenues. The family owned beer producer has built a strong brand around its prize product, Mountain Man Lager, over its last 70+ years of operation. Due to its highly valued brand, the organization is particularly fearful of the negative effect alternating its product mix could have on its reputation and image and the potential for customer alienation.

The primary objective of this case is to determine if Chris Prangel, the marketing operations manager of Mountain Man Brewing Company, will unveil the Mountain Man Light. Introducing such a product would be in line with the increasing market demand for light beer products, which would ultimately cater to the young adults’ preference for light beer.

Problem Statement

• Revenue has been slowly eroding as increasing competition in a maturing market and new products threaten to pull customers away from the brand. With the lite beer drawing more younger and female consumers away from the traditional darker lager, Mountain Man is not attracting the younger adults and female consumers with its current ale.

• Designing a lite draft will answer the call of the younger generation and female consumers at the expense…
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