The Movement And Distribution Of Water On Earth

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© 2013ReadWorks®, Inc.All rights reserved.Water, Water, Everywhere!The Water CycleWater can be found throughout the earth, both in living things and in the physical environment. It is in our bodies, in the bodies of animals and insects, and within all plants. Most of the water on earth is contained in our oceans. The rest of the water on earth isunder ground, in rivers, and in the atmosphere, among other places. Water is constantly moving on, above, and below the surface of the earth as it changes states between liquid, vapor, and ice. This movement of water on, above, and below the surface of the earth is known as the water cycle. The study of the movement and distribution of water on earth is called “hydrology.”Water is crucial in supporting life. When we study other planets or their moons, we look for traces of water to see if the place could have supported life. It is so important that many people fear if it continues to become scarcer, wars may be fought over water in the future! 1. because it tells us about the physical environment. 2because it tells us where the water is and can be fo 4. because it tells us more about the under ground rivers. 2. because it tells us more about how people use the water to study their plants. 3. because it tells us that wars may be starting It is important because it tells us what state there in.
© 2013ReadWorks®, Inc.All rights reserved.Water…
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