The Movement And The Civil Rights Movement

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If you look at the Declaration of Independence of the United States, it promises certain rights to the men of the country. America promised her citizens the right to vote for their own leaders. When these words were written, the expected receivers of these rights where white men. They did not consider the allowing of slavery of “lesser” people and oppression of women from the full rights of a citizen as violation of the freedoms they shed blood to obtain for themselves. If you look at the events following the Revolutionary War, you can see that many clashes inside of the United States stems from neglecting these two groups those rights. The Woman’s Rights Movement and the Civil Rights Movement shape much of American History, with both often affecting each other in the process.

Because women come from all races, social classes, and age, they have been an important instrument in shaping western ideology and the world. Feminism is a broad term encompassing the entirety of the historical movement in the nineteenth century and the philosophical thought leading into the twentieth century (Zophy and Kavenik 206). Although the term wasn’t popularized until the 1950’s and 60’s, it represents the ideology into the modern era. With Woman’s History being a major thread of United States history, it is important we understand the progression of women’s rights, freedoms, and feminism throughout the Colonial Era, the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, and the rise of second and third wave…
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