The Movement Of Patient's Between Healthcare Settings And The Opportunity For Communication Breakdowns

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Movement of patient’s between healthcare settings or even within a single healthcare setting is recognized as a transition of care. Because of the number of transitions of care that occur during an episode of care and the opportunity for communication breakdowns at each transition point, patients are at increased risk for poor outcomes. Along with communication breakdowns, lack of understanding over diagnoses, medication regimens, self-care and follow-up instructions are also associated with poor transitions of care. As a result, poor transitions of care have been associated with readmissions occurring within 30 days of discharge. Readmissions for certain chronic illness, specifically, Heart Failure (HF), Acute Myocardial Infarction (MI), and Pneumonia have been under increased scrutiny by local, state, and federal agencies. Many strategies have been developed as a means to mitigate these risks but “best-practices” have yet to be identified. Recently, institutions have begun incorporating health information technology (HIT) into transitions of care. Some mobile applications have been piloted successfully although each application’s features vary substantially. The purpose of this study is to evaluate if evidence-based patient education modules delivered via a mobile tablet application are effective at reducing the readmission rate of HF and Acute MI patients. 50 patients will be sought out to participate in using the mobile software and a second group of 50 patients will be…
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