The Movement Of Target Wireless Sensor Networks

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A NOVEL APPROACH TO DETECT THE MOVEMENT OF TARGET IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS Anitha.S1and Prabaharan.P2 1Department of CSE, Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women, anithasaravanan01 2Department of CSE, Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women, kpra8897 Abstract— The ultimate aim of a wireless sensor network is to provide accurate and reliable information regarding the environment in which the sensors are deployed. Among the various applications of a sensor network, target tracking is the one of the key application of WSNs. In existing system To design a Face Track for detecting the movement of a target in polygon. Develop a brink detection algorithm used to reconstruct another conceptual polygon. Optimal node selection algorithm to select which sensor of spatial region to track data. All wireless sensors are activated and idle listening is a major source of energy waste. Once an active sensor runs out of energy, that sensors are not present in the network. So communication is not fully completed. We enhance the proposed algorithm Probability-Based Prediction and Sleep Scheduling (PPSS) to overcome this problem also it improve the power efficiency and increase the network life time. Keywords- Wireless sensor networks, mobile target, edge detection, face tracking, multiple tracking INTRODUCTION Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is used to bring about the
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