The Movement Of The Jewish Culture

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Furthermore, by using the ‘feminist’ interpretation within this passage, Jesus didn’t want to discard tradition but wants to reform the freedom of woman from the restrictions and limitations of the rules and regulations of the Jewish culture and the tradition by bringing more equality in society. Women’s lives in Jesus’ time were overruled and dominated by a male figure , who were to control every aspect in their lives. This was due to the fact that women were seen to be unholy - more inclined to being sinful, and were submissive; hence one of Jesus’ missions became to reform the image of women. Hence by using the ‘feminist’ interpretation method, I can conclude that Jesus intentions of preaching to Mary, was for him to reform the Jewish culture, by spreading hope and strength among women – standing up for a new culture and a generation which will create a new and equal society.
Therefore, by using the ‘feminist’ interpretation within this passage, we can conclude that in Jesus’ time, Jesus was a strong advocate to reforming society and allowing women to become equals to men, as God has created us all in the image and likeness of himself, hence why all humans are precious and a gift because God is precious and a gift. Jesus said “Mary has chosen the better path”, which implies the message of salvation is significant to all people. Hence, everyone is eligible to listen to the words of the Lord - not just men but also women. Therefore, this passage, emphasises the message

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