The Movie 12 Years A Slave

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In the movie 12 Years a Slave, a young man named Solomon Upnorth was taken by two men after he was tricked into playing his violin for a circus. He was taken for 12 years total before his friends from up North came down, providing paperwork proving that he indeed was a free man. As slavery was a crucial time period that blacks went through, there are some common morals and values that the slave owners carried such as racial attitudes, roles of the demographic group, gender roles and also the characters that the movie showed how they were in the real memoir of Solomon Northup. In my opinion the rating I would give is that the movie was educational, informing and that it told the story of a Kidnapped slave, Solomon Northup, but I feel as if they left some of the most real events that happened such as him having 3 children instead of two. In the beginning of the movie it shows Solomon and a woman who is in desperate need of sexual release, but he refuses to give in. He never cheated on his wife of 12 years, Anne Northup. Once he was shipped from Saratoga Springs, New York to Louisiana, his name was changed from Solomon to Platt Hamilton. Later on in the movie, the scene depicted a young slave woman named Patsey escaped to the Black owner’s home, and returned with soap then was whipped, in my opinion truly showed that slaves were reduced to having nothing. Not even something as simple as a bar of soap or even a comfortable place to sleep. Solomon was beaten until he identified
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