The Movie ' A Real Hero '

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When Driver meets his neighbor Irene that emotionless face from the beginning of the film softens up a little. In a small scene where Driver looks out the window of his apartment we see Irene and her son in the distance. So we don’t get the typical close up of the actors. This highlighted the Driver longing to be in a normal world and just how far away from that he felt. Later in the film when Irene and her son goes to the auto body shop where Driver works you can see his face light up like a little boy with a crush. He actually smiles. When Driver gives them a ride we hear what is known to be the film 's main theme. “A Real Hero”, a song with lyrics telling the tale of a man standing up for what’s right even when everything is on the line. The song is very important to the film and the reason it’s first played in this scene is because the bond that’s created between these three characters is what leads to Driver eventually becoming the better person he wants to be.
A brief montage shows the continuation of the relationship between Driver and Irene. It is easily illustrated that the hardened person is starting to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. A way out to put it simply of the shady world he is currently a part of. When Bernie explains to Driver how Shannon got his limp you can tell that Driver doesn’t really trust him. That isn’t told by the Driver directly with dialogue instead it is told by his facial expressions. Again Driver doesn’t talk much, all we really…
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