The Movie About Ray Directed By Gaby Dellal

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With the emergence of more LGBTQ+ characters in today 's media, society is starting to branch out and accept new identities that they were not familiar with beforehand. This new representation comes with benefits, from showing true-to-life portrayals of LGBTQ+ people, and drawbacks such as being misrepresented. One of the most recent works revolving around this topic is the upcoming movie About Ray directed by Gaby Dellal which is supposed to hit theatres this November. The film tells the story of a transgender boy as he goes through his journey of being accepted by his family and his community while he works towards being cleared for hormone therapy. This narrative has stirred up many debates inside and outside of the queer community, mostly pertaining to the heavy plotline and casting of a cisgender, female actress to play Ray. About Ray starts out with Ray, played by Elle Fanning, going to get the documents for hormone replacement therapy and finding out that he needs his estranged father 's signature in order to continue. The story then sets off as Ray has to go to his unaccepting father for the approval to be made. From afar, the accuracy of the story does a fair job with portraying the difficult situations Ray faces from insecurities to confusion from his family to blatant unapproval from his father. One example is that Ray is seen getting into a violent situation which ends up with him earning many bruises and injuries. LGBTQ+ people tend to face more violence

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