The Movie ' Amelie '

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The film Amelie provides multiple examples of individuals sacrificing, and applying Campbell 's moral objective to their own lives. One of the people from the film that follow the objective is Dominique Bretodeau. When he was a young boy, he lost his treasure box. Directly after it was returned to him from a stranger, he began to tear up over the lost memories that the box contained. He then confides in people at the bar that he has not spoken to his daughter in years, and because of this does not know his grandson. This simple act of kindness was enough to make Bretodeau sacrifice his pride enough to reconcile with his daughter and grandson. He had no idea if his family was going to open their arms, or push him away for being away for so long. This failed to stop Bretodeau. This journey of becoming a hero was a spiritual one. Most of the conflict happened within his own heart. A small act of thoughtfulness helped a man choose to create a better life for him, and his estranged family. Nino Quincampoix is the owner of a photo album made up of scraps of ripped pictures from the photo booth. He loses his album, and suddenly his trust is completely in the hands of a stranger who now holds his prized possession. Quincampoix physically sacrificed his time, and possibly his job when he asked almost every day for people to cover his shift. His determination to find this mystery woman, and his album went as far as to question his boss regarding the woman 's appearance. He was
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