The Movie ' American Gangster '

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The movie “American Gangster” is a very good Hollywood portrayal of a man named Frank Lucas. Frank Lucas was played by Denzel Washington with Russell Crowe playing Richie Roberts, who was the cop investigating the heroin distribution. During the 1960’s into the 1970’s, distribution of heroin in New York was at one of the greatest peaks of all time. Frank Lucas had a great mentor, whose name was Bumpy Johnson. Bumpy was a career criminal who spent most of his life in prison until he became a mob boss in the Harlem neighborhood in New York City. From there, he taught Frank everything he knew for 15 years until he died of heart failure. When Bumpy died, Frank Lucas turned his past mentorship and knowledge into one the biggest heroin distribution businesses in the Harlem neighborhood during these times. One of the most famous things Frank is known for as a drug distributer, was his ability to cut out all the middlemen in the distribution and go directly to the source. He did this because not only did it make him more money, but he was able to sell the heroin for cheaper plus he had the resources to ship the heroin from the Golden Triangle, which is in Southeast Asia, directly to him in New York. The Golden Triangle is where most of the opium and heroin was produced in the 1960’s. And to this day, it’s the second biggest producer of opium next to Afghanistan which is the biggest opium supplier. “Heroin from Southeast Asia is most frequently brought to the United States by
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