The Movie And Beowulf Comparison

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The poem Beowulf, written by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet and the movie script, written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. The story is about a Man named Beowulf, who becomes a hero to his town Heorot, by defeating a monster named Grendel. He is later named King of Geats, because of his braveness and loyalty to his people. After about fifty years of ruling, a dragon threatens the town’s people. Beowulf and his servant, Wiglaf, set off to defeat this dragon. While he did succeed to kill it, sadly Beowulf dies in the process. In the poem versus the movie, Beowulf shows different character traits throughout the story. Heroism, loyalty, and bravery all differ from the poem to the movie. The audience will perceive Beowulf as a completely different person if only looking at one of the two pieces. Heroism is something that cannot be altered throughout one single story. Being a hero in one piece and not being a hero in the other is . In the poem, Beowulf is a true hero and upholds all heroic values when fighting for his town. He goes to defeat Grendel’s mother well prepared with armor and weapons to help kill her. When he enters her dark lair, she is waiting for him. He luckily has a sword to stab her with, but it breaks while attempting to do so. Grendel’s mother instead stabs him, but his armor is able to protect him, saving his life. Beowulf then finds another, bigger sword and stabs her in the neck, defeating the ugly monster. “But the mesh of chain-mail on Beowulf’s
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