The Movie ' Apocalypse '

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Apocalypse Reborn It’s the year 2034, there has been major fights with the United states and Russia. They have been arguing about the North Korean crisis. The United states has threatened Russia to stop giving North Korean missile they will attack all of the globe and become leaders. But North Korea put a chemical to make people eat other human beings. “Get all those zombies!” Mason said to himself, “I hate this game” He said sarcastically. He was thinking what would happen if there was zombies in the world? Mason lived in a big house and liked to run around when his mom isn 't home. His dad went to North Korea about ten years ago and he went Mia which is short for missing in action. He was the leader of the squad named…show more content…
“BOOM!” the ground was shaking and everything in the house was falling. Mason thought it was an earthquake and he went to the earthquake shelter that is airtight. The ground finally stop shaking and Mason waited a couple of hours after that. He came up from the earthquake shelter and There was smoke everywhere he had a mask just in case of that. Mason thought he heard his mom and sprinted as fast as he could to see his mother. All he saw was parts of an atomic bomb, he thought he could take this to government officials but all he could see was smoke for miles away. Mason went down in the earthquake shelter again so he could take off the mask. There was a bed down there so he could sleep on it. The next day all the smoke was gone. He looked down the road and all he saw was people standing there like they were hungry. The people down the road looked at Mason and they started walking towards him there was only two of them and they had blood running down their faces their skin was torn off and their cloths were also torn into bits and pieces. Two guys out of nowhere hit both of the sick people in the head and they said “Come on before there are more on them!” Mason ran to the guys shelter and they said “What were you thinking?” “What are you talking about?” Mason cried “The walkers” The man said “What about them?” Mason wondered “They wanted to eat your flesh are you a psycho man?” “No i’m not ” Mason was kind of
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