The Movie "Born on the Fourth of July" Tells Much About The Vietnam War and the Cold War

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Born on the Fourth of July was a very captivating and powerful film that will have a lasting effect on me. Oliver Stone, who won the 1989 Best Director Oscar for the film, also wrote, and produced it. He tells the true story of Ron Kovic, an American kid from Massapequa, Long Island that fought in the Vietnam War, who is played by Tom Cruise. It also stars Kyra Segwick, Raymond J. Barry, William Dafoe, and Frank Whaley. This film accurately illustrates not only what went on for the soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War and the effects that the war had at home, but also the social attitudes throughout the country during the 1950s and other major movements during the time of the war, that like the anti-war sentiment, were largely a response…show more content…
He fully believed everything that was told to him about Communism spreading and how easy it would be for the Americans to win the war. These beliefs were widespread largely because the government said that they were true, and people believed almost all of what the government said at this time. We had emerged as a bipolar superpower after World War II. The other major power in the world was the Soviet Union, which had a completely different form of government and type of economy from us: Communism. One of the main ideas behind Communism was that everyone should be the same, and no one should be ahead of anyone else in life. This was very attractive to many working class people throughout the planet that were tired of poverty and cruel governments. Therefore, Communism began to spread which scared Americans and especially the American government very much. A theory called the "domino theory" began to spread throughout American society that claimed that Communism would continue to spread across borders in an outward direction from the Russian center until it covered the entire planet; that is, unless it was stopped by an outside force (like the American military). This fear led to the McCarthy Era where something similar to a witch hunt for communists in America takes place. The few Americans that did not completely support the anti-Communist movement in America, were scared into changing their thoughts. The

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