The Movie ' Bruce Almighty '

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The movie “Bruce Almighty” is an exemplary and metaphorical depiction of the idea of who God is, how God can be interpreted throughout the movie through scenes and characters, and how is God seen in relation to His creation. The central point of the story revolves around the theme of reminding viewers to “be the miracle.” From a personal point of view, the characters are symbolic and bear theological significance. The movie is didactic in quality and carries some tinge of comedy with apparent glimpses of domestic and familial environment. It reflects personality and character issues and parallels historic and biblical narratives that point toward a theological understanding of who the characters are and, why they exist. The scenes chiefly lean toward the auteur’s understanding of a character’s personal ideals and perspectives. They indirectly emphasize theological reasons of climax in the story. The movie in one sense is a journey of experiencing God’s grace and resurrecting the metaphorical dead Bruce. In addition to exploring the themes mentioned above, this paper will give voice to Dr. Ray’s statement that “God in Godself is relational” (10/29).
The movie begins with one of the first sentences by Bruce stating “God, why do you hate me?” This question seems to be a voice of the auteur spoken on behalf of many other “Bruces” who, like him, actually claim that God hates them which conveys “that God exists.” Their act of questioning is not questioning God, but rather God’s
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