The Movie Camera: The Evolution and Impact of Filmmaking

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Outline I.Intro and Thesis: "The Movie Camera: The Evolution and Impact of Filmmaking" A.This paper will examine the impact of the movie camera on the humanities and how filmmaking evolved following the creation of the Lumiere Brothers' movie camera. B.The Lumiere Brothers initiated the silent film era, which brought numerous classical works of literature to the big screen, and which also saw the rise of silent clowns (such as Buster Keaton) before the movie camera evolved to the point where sound recording became an integral part of the dynamic. II.Events that Led to the Advancement A.Background 1.The camera obscura of the Middle Ages and the Lumiere Brothers in Paris, 1895 (Richter, 2006, p. 3; Mast, 2006, p. 33). 2.20th Century Climate: A taste for modern novelties combined with an appreciation for technological innovation paved the way for the rise of the movie camera all over the world. The movie camera introduced silent film to a public unused to seeing moving images flashed onto a screen. The impact was enormous, not least of all because audiences were compelled to use their imaginations when viewing the silent films (which had no accompanying sound recordings). III.Effects of Advancement A.The rise of photographic/cinematic art: D. W. Griffith, the creator of "epic" cinematic achievements and serious art films like Birth of a Nation and Intolerance films that taught both history and ideology B.Silent Auditoriums (Szaloky, 2002, p. 109) C.Classical Epics
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