The Movie Contagion

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The film, Contagion shows that virus is a lethal threat to man kind’s dominance because viruses replicate themselves very quickly into their host’s cell and generally take over the cellular DNA machinery to make more copies of themselves. They does this during the attachment and penetration, when the virus attaches itself to a host cell and injects its genetic material into it. During uncoating, replication, and assembly, the viral DNA or RNA incorporates itself into the host cell’s genetic material and induces it replicate the viral genome. The viruses don’t directly kill cells but they do redirect the cells resources to their own reproduction and eventually the cell can’t take care of its own functions and dies (Boundless, 2016). Therefore if the virus replicate quickly, they are harder to kill because they are inside the body and antibiotics are ineffective against them (L Anderson, 2015). They are basically bits of genetic material, which are wrapped in a protein envelope. The genes that they have allow them to gain entry into a cell, instruct the cells to replicate the viruses and then find a way out of the cells so that they can infect other cells. Since they are basically just a piece of DNA or RNA, anything that can destroy them may damage the DNA or RNA inside a cell. That means that to kill them, people have to kill some of the body’s won cells, which may or may not be easy. The protein coat of the viruses are antigens. As such, our bodies can produce antibodies that attack the virus once it recognises the protein but unless the virus is weakened and then used to immunize…show more content…
The director of the film contagion successfully illustrate to its viewer how quickly a virus replicate themselves into their host’s cell. Therefore the film contagion shows that virus is a lethal threat to man kind’s
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