The Movie Corageous

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The movie Courageous discusses important issues we face today. This movie shows the importance of family, the dangers of drugs, and the major importance of family values. Courageous makes me reflect on the importance of what I say and do. This movie shows how I can become a better Christian. I learned how having a life filled with worldly pleasures consists of superficial happiness, and an ever present longing for something more. This video showed me that living a life of looking out only for myself and my wants, could lead to a life filled with pain, suffering, sorrow, and emptiness for both me and those around me. This film shows the importance of family and Christian family values through several scenes. This video shows the importance of family values in the scene when Derrick talks with Nathan, while Jade’s mom watches from the window. This shows that who you spend you think about spending the rest of your life with needs to show respect towards you and your family. Another scene that shows the importance of family occurs during and after Emily’s death. These instances are seen during the accident, the funeral, and several scenes where grief is displayed. The first clip shows Adam as he arrives at the hospital, during the funeral, and back at home dealing with his grief. The second clip shows her brother dealing with his grief and regrets. These two clips always remind me that my family is important and watching these scenes reminds me that I've not always been nice to

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