The Movie Dallas Buyers Club

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The film Dallas Buyers Club takes place in Texas during the mid-1980s. The film is based on true events and focuses on the life of an electrician and rodeo bull rider Ron Woodroof, who’s life consists of heavy drinking, smoking, drug use and sex. Ron Woodroof is a racist and a homophobic, which after a work related injury is sent to the hospital. After running several studies of his blood, the doctors discovered and informed Ron that he is HIV positive and only has 30 days left to live. Ron is angry to hear this news and enters in denial, saying that only homosexuals have HIV. He soon comes to realize that it might be true that he has HIV and begins to do research about his virus and what can get it treated. He finds out that AZT helped, but at the time AZT was only in the clinical trial stage, which there was no form of getting it. He eventually ends up in Mexico with Dr. Vass, who’s license got revoked, and gives Ron vitamins, mineral zinc, aloe, and essential fatty acids that will help build up his immune system after his HIV lead him to AIDS. Ron begins smuggling these unapproved drugs into the U.S. from all over the parts of the country that will sell them to him. Rayon, a transgender and fellow AIDS patient join forces with Woodroof and begin selling the treatments for HIV and AIDS patients through gay communities.
Throughout the film, there were specific topics about sexuality that were portrayed among the characters. One specific topic was sexual behavior that Ron
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