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The Departed The movie I have chosen to do my project on is the movie “ The Departed.” The characters play an important role in the movie showing various criminal acts that they chose to play out. In my essay I will talk about the crime that is being taken place in the movie, Merton theory on Anomie, Strain, and the Social, Cultural, Economic source of organized crime. I believe these theories define the characters personality in the movie.

The movie “ The Departed” is a movie about Two Boston State police Officers that both share different opinions about the law. The two are Undercover in the State Police, the one happens to be working with the Irish Mafia (Matt Damon) and the other happens to be a real undercover police officer
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His Therapist was Madolyn (Vera Farmiga) it so happens to be that she has a connection with another police officer. She started a relationship with Collin Sullivan, and during her relationship with Mr. Sullivan; she had a brief interaction with Mr. Costigan.

Mr. Sullivan isn’t totally out of the picture, as informant for Frank Costello and Boston State police officer. He was giving Frank Costello tips on when he was being watched, when he was being followed, and when the police were tapping into the mob organizations cell phones. Now in order for someone to give, you must received something in return. In return Mr. Costello was giving up people in his organization, and other illegal activities that were being taken place. It all seemed like Mr. Costello had everything planned out. The State police was put on his radar, since everything was going as planned he would be able to move his shipment of product. By the end Frank Costello organization was taken down, most of his associates were either dead or taken into custody. As For Mr. Costigan and Mr. Sullivan they both were still out for one another. Then, finally the two of them started talked to each other and everything that was going on the whole time started adding up, and it ended up ending in chaos.

One of the theories I have chosen is Robert Merton’s “ Anomie, Strain and Crime.” Merton believed that crime was rooted in the social
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