The Movie ' Donnie Darko ' By Richard Kelly

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Donnie Darko follows a mentally-troubled teenage boy after his family survives a jet engine falling on their home. Throughout the film, a delusional Donnie encounters a talking rabbit and eventually discovers that he has been living in a parallel universe since his near-death experience. To escape this alternate timeline and save his mother and sister who are on the ill-fated plane, Donnie realizes that he must be killed by the engine and allows himself to die in the accident. The film has strong themes of time travel and the future, much like Lee Edelman’s The Future is Kid Stuff. Through his idea of reproductive futurism, Edelman hypothesizes that the Child is the future and states that everything we do has the ultimate goal of protecting the future. Edelman also believes that queers will not survive in the future because they are unable to reproduce. The film Donnie Darko, directed by Richard Kelly, challenges society’s unrealistic expectations of a perfect nuclear family by juxtaposing a queer Donnie with his heteronormative sister Samantha. When considered in the context of Lee Edelman’s The Future is Kid Stuff, this stark contrast confirms the theory of reproductive futurism and explains the ending of the movie in which Donnie sacrifices his life so that his sister can survive.
By exposing the flaws in the seemingly-perfect Darko family, the film challenges its viewers’ idea of what a perfect nuclear family is while creating a substantial difference between the future

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