The Movie ' Fabulous Cover '

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Technically I was the fool in this case. Here’s a tip for all you out there: read the blurb in depth because your cause of complaint may actually have no merit.

I happily allowed myself to be deceived. Do you or do you not see that brilliantly crafted cover. I’m going to go ahead and make a grand exclamation: that may just be the most beauteous cover of 2014. Watercolours, reflections and Russia (which I love, setting wise)—it’s everything Jess could ever ask for. And that blurb. We’re promised a chase through alternate universes. That’s it. I’m salivating. Hand’s up if you’ve got a soft spot for parallels because holy hell, I do. So it’s looking up. The thing is, by going into this thinking, “fabulous cover, the best premise in a long while and so far, great hype” (as I did) you fail to read one line. And that line is everything.

Marguerite is swept into an epic love affair that feels both dangerous and inevitable…

Sometimes I read things and they just don 't register with me. If I 'd read that line before hand—really thought about it—I would have known what I was getting into.

Because more than anything, A Thousand Pieces of You is a romance. We’re skipping dimensions, running across parallel universes to avenge her father’s death, sure, but that’s all minuscule compared to the bigger picture: love.

Let’s rehash, shall we? Marguerite, daughter to two brilliant scientific minds, must now utilise the prototypes of her parents ' Firebird device on a speed chase
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