The Movie Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk

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Sigmund Freud was a highly criticized psychologist, psychoanalyst, prominent philosopher and also a medical doctor. The bulk of is work and theories were done around the early twentieth century. Although this was quite some time ago, many of his findings are still a topic of debate for scholars. Along with some more recent theories, much of the fundamental aspects of psychoanalyses can be drawn back to Freudian concepts. Traces of his concepts and ideas can even be seen in other aspects of life, for example Hollywood films. Though most people may not even realize it, they have probably been exposed to one or more concepts originally proposed by Sigmund Freud. A prominent example is the very popular movie Fight Club (1999), which incorporates many Freudian themes throughout the plot. The film Fight Club is based off of the novel written by Chuck Palahniuk in 1996. The nameless main character—an estranged young man who lives a mundane life, narrates the film. Suffering from insomnia, he begins attending support groups for survivors or victims of extreme illnesses that provides him with temporary relief. This relief is interrupted when a young women by the name of Marla begins attending these support groups. The fact that she too suffers from none of the maladies of the support groups lessens the impact of the therapy for our narrator. He then meets—or rather “creates”—the character Tyler Durden on a flight back home. Durden seems to be everything that the narrator suppresses

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