The Movie ' Finding Nemo '

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The movie “Finding Nemo” has been a family favorite for many years. In the movie, a clownfish named Marlin soon became a single parent after the death of his wife. Now, with his anxieties and fears from her death, he struggles to raise his only son, Nemo. As Nemo grew older, Marlin became more and more protective of his son. With disagreements, Nemo, one day, decided to rebel against Marlin’s orders; swam out to the open ocean, and touched the bottom of a nearby boat. When swimming back, Nemo was caught by a diver and was separated from his father. Desperately, Marlin searches for his son when he bumped into a fish, named Dory, who has short term memory. Together, Marlin and Dory search land and ocean for Nemo. This heart-warming movie moved viewers all over the world as it dealt with love, family, reunion, and learning to let go. However, it is also very educational for psychology students because it contains many psychological concepts in it as well. Through the concepts of development, biological, memory, abnormal and social psychology, these concepts give the movie its humor and uniqueness that everyone will enjoy for many years to come. The movie starts out with the death of Marlin’s wife as she was trying to protect her eggs from the shark. Due to the shark’s attack, and the death of his wife and most of their children, Marlin developed severe PTSD. In the movie, the audience could notice that Marlin is constantly worrying about Nemo. He is constantly babying Nemo,
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