The Movie : Forrest Gump And The Vietnam War

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The movie, Forrest Gump, tells the major historic events in America from a comical perspective. Forrest Gump is about a southern man, who has a learning disability, and his journey through his life. Through the infamous quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get” (Spector), he narrates the story to give his raw feelings about the situations he was faced with as he grew into adulthood. Because of Forrest’s disability, he tends to have regular reactions to things that are considered major. One of the major events portrayed in Forrest Gump is the Vietnam War. After Forrest finishes playing football for his university, he is asked by a recruiter if he would like to join the Army and he does with no question. The Vietnam war began after the Geneva Conference divided Vietnam into the Democratic Republic of Vietnam(North) and the Republic of Vietnam(South). In the beginning of 1965, the U.S started air raids on North Vietnam and on Communist-owned areas in South Vietnam. By 1966, there were roughly 190,000 troops in South Vietnam. In the movie, Forrest seemed to feel indifferent about going to Vietnam. Many soldiers who enlisted in the army to fight in the war were scared because they knew there was a possibility they wouldn’t return. A soldier by the name Tex Howard, who was interviewed by Sharon Rayner, says he was told to join to “help stop communist aggression—to keep it over there instead of letting it come into the United States,…” (Howard). In the movie, the recruiter simply asked Forrest had he ever thought about serving his country. Vietnam was gruesome war. According to, “The U.S. military has estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died in the war. (Spector)” In 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was made in remembrance of the 57,939 members of U.S. armed forces who went missing or were tragically killed (Spector). As a result of Forrest going to Vietnam, he was allowed the awesome opportunity to meet the President of the United States. It was a very proud moment for him and his family. While he was in Vietnam recovering from his bullet wound to the buttocks, he learned how to play ping pong and mastered his skills. He

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