The Movie Franchise Star Wars

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The movie franchise star wars has been around for over fifty years. It’s a classic drama series about dark and light forces trying to get the best of one another. The Jedi and the Sith are both factions which use the essences of the universe in order to obtain their special abilities that they use to their advantage. The force is split between the Jedi who represent the light force, and the Sith who represent the dark force. So which of the two, light or dark, is the better as seen in the star wars storylines. The Jedi seem to have the upper hand and here are some reasons why. The Jedi and Sith both use Lightsabers(Short swords made with laser energy) when fighting enemies or dueling with one another. They give them both huge advantages in battle, because they can use the force to detect where things will be before they happen. When they are attacked with a blaster or lightsaber, the laser it is deflected off of the blade. This also makes for some really spectacular duels between the two. So which of the two has the better lightsaber? Lightsabers are formed from special crystals which the Jedi or Sith have to meditate on for weeks on end until it can form a blade. The Sith made the their sabers with synthetic crystals that they had to put into a furnace whereas the Jedi used a special natural growing crystal found on Dantooine, Ilum, or the Adega System. When the blades are finally constructed, they have a certain color which corresponds to their personality. The Sith

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