The Movie ' Girl Interrupted '

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The main character in the film “Girl Interrupted”, Susanna Kaysen, is an eighteen-year-old female. She admitted herself into a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide by overdosing on Aspirin and Vodka, where she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Susanna repeatedly denies trying to commit suicide, and claims she took aspirin because she “had a headache”. She appeared to be well groomed, her speech was articulated, and her thought process clear. Susanna is not currently employed, nor is she a student, and appears to have no motivation or ambition (Wick, Konrad, Ryder & Mangold, 1999). There are not many prognostics indicators prior to Susanna 's mental episode. Developing BPD is five times more likely when a nuclear family member also has the disorder. However it is known that neither of Susanna 's parents have BPD, or any mental disorders. Therefore, the genetic risk that is the main prognostic feature of BPD is missing. A second prognostic feature is childhood abuse or trauma, and neglectful parenting style. Susanna did not appear to have a childhood trauma or abuse, and her parents seem rather involved in her life. In fact, it was her father that initially requested her to seek mental help. Other contributing factors could be stress and social-economical status. Susanna comes from an upper middle class, white family in America, and is an only child. Apart from her affair, there has been no evidence of a stressful event in her life, as she is not
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