The Movie Girl, Interrupted

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The movie Girl, Interrupted focuses on the character Susanna Kaysen along with other girls who have an array of mental disorders. These women all reside at the Claymoore Mental Health Facility. For instance, Daisy was sexually abused by her father and has serious eating issues, also known as a compulsive eating disorder. Daisy binges on rotisserie chicken from her father’s shop, in the privacy of here room. She feels uncomfortable eating in front of others. Lisa, who seems to be the leader of the pack is considered to be a sociopath. She throws tantrums like a child and has little remorse for her actions. She has been a resident of Claymore for eight years and has been in and out of the facility many times. Georgina deals with depression…show more content…
The man wants to pursue relations with Susana, however, Susanna is disinterested and has moved on. She shuts him out of her life for good. At this point, it is apparent that Susanna is an introvert and spends her time isolating herself from everyone, including her parents. A few scenes later, she is seen in the hospital and is having her stomach pumped of the medications she took during a failed suicide attempt. Shortly after her suicidal attempt, she is shown speaking to a friend of her fathers, who is a psychiatrist. She tells him that she just had a headache and was not attempting to kill herself. This scene where she attempts to overdose on aspirin and vodka depicts self-harm. The psychiatrist recommends that she admits herself to the Claymoore Mental Health Facility for some much needed rest and relaxation. At the hospital, she does not seem to fit in with the other girls. Everyone believes she tried to kill herself. Susanna is not told what her illness consists of. She arrives to the hospital not knowing what company awaits her. Immediately, she believes she does not belong in the facility because the other girls are “crazy”. Soon after, Susanna befriends the girls in the movie, especially Lisa. I think excessive exposure to a certain environment can alter one’s perception about their self. Susanna starts to believe that she is “crazy”. As time goes by, she begins to feel connected
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