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“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”. One of the most notorious quotes in cinema history, said in the film classic “Goodfellas”. Based off true events in the life of Henry Hill, this classic was created by the legendary Martin Scorsese. Who had already created films that many consider masterpieces attempts another with his “Goodfellas”. Henry Hill, At an age where most kids wanted to be a race car driver or an astronaut, he was already trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a gangster. He said that he felt as if he felt “at home” and he belonged with them, At the tender age of 13 he dropped out of school in order to be around gang members more often, running errands and parking cars along with other small…show more content…
No not the thugs who are killing off each other in the ghetto, over who owns which street. I am talking about the blue-collar gangsters, the Al Capone’s, John Gotti’s and Carlos Gambino’s of the world. The mob bosses who seem to do whatever they want and walk away freely, in the end having a bigger payday than doctors and lawyers. It’s the ambiance in which most men including myself find very intriguing. This exact ordeal is what the film Goodfellas illustrates, hitting every detail to a "t". An example can be found in this quote "Anything I wanted was a phone call away, free cars, the keys to a dozen hideouts all over the city. I bet twenty to thirty grand over a weekend and then I 'd either blow the winnings in a week or go to the sharks and pay back the bookies". As most can clearly interpret he is living the "good life" off of committing crime and never paying for it The notion of stealing what you want, killing off whoever got in your way, then paying off the police to get away with your heist, then making top dollar off of it is very alluring to people. I believe mainly because its it easier to do such acts of immorality rather than to attend college, which only racks up debt, then on top of that college is not easy by any means, along with having to go to school for 5 or more years just to hope that you’re lucky enough to get a job. It doesn’t sound so exciting nor appealing when I put it like that. It seems much more fun to do whatever

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