The Movie Hunger by Steve McQueen

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Starting near the middle of a four-year-long stalemate, McQueen’s triptych follows the routine of a prison guard, Raymond Lohan, the introduction of a new, IRA, “non-conforming” prisoner Davey Gillen into the “dirty protest", and culminates with Bobby Sands, the IRA commanding officer inside Maze who volunteers to be the first of many prisoners to go on a hunger strike for SCS, and is the first to die sixty-six days later. Through visceral scenes depicting extraordinary situations, Hunger reminds audiences of the battle of attrition that was fought thirty years before, and “how people dealt with decisions that politicians made, and the environments which are created from those decisions, which they had to survive in.” Instead of taking a side in the conflict, Hunger portrays what one critic describes “a probing, clinical, oddly beautiful examination of one man's decision to die, to face the moment that we all must, on his own terms.”
The standoff in Maze Prison was borne from conflict during The Troubles, an extremely violent period in the political conflict waged between republicans and nationalists, who wanted to see Northern Ireland, a province of the United Kingdom, unified with the…
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