The Movie I Had Was Released By Disney

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The movie I had was Ratatouille, which was released by Disney in 2007. Remy was born with a special talent of being able to smell food at a powerful level, but it turns out Remy is a rat. His whole colony spends time picking through garbage to eat, but Remy wants something more. The movie tells a story about his adventure in living his dream of working in the most famous restaurant Gasteau’s in Paris. While exploring Gasteau’s restaurant, he witnesses the new garbage boy Linguini trying to fix the soup he has spilled. Remy goes running by the soup to escape out of the restaurant, but the terrible smell stops him. Remy is determined to fix the soup, when he is caught by Linguini. The customers at the restaurant end up loving the soup and everyone thinks Linguini made it. Linguini then saves Remy by taking him home, in return, Remy teaches Linguini how to cook by living under his chef hat. The first scene that fully exposed what was happening in the kitchen was when the chef was coming to take charge. The chef happened to be male, and the staff was mainly composed of men. There was only one female in the kitchen, she also happened to be the only female in the whole movie. This scene depicts the way masculinity is defined in our culture. The chef came in and started barking orders at everyone below him, he stood firm and tough. The chef in the movie was male, which allowed him to be in a position where he was able to display success or high status. This plays into gender
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