The Movie I Have Selected Is A Romantic Drama Written By Nicholas Sparks

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Abstract The film that was chosen was The Notebook; this film I felt showed many personalities and how people acted towards each other. This film is about how two people fall in love with each during the 1940s era. The main characters are Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton. Noah is the person who is not wealthy and works to get some kind of income. Allie comes from a background of wealthy people she lived a privilege life. The movie I have selected is a romantic drama written by Nicholas Sparks. The movie was directed by Nick Cassavetes based on the novel The Notebook. This movie developed many different relationships of being friends, lovers, and family. In this movie the concepts of interpersonal communication was used in many ways. So…show more content…
Noah and Allie built a relationship on friend ship and then it turned into love. Their characters did not always agree with each other, they often got into fights with one another. There was a scene in the movie where they were walking down the street and they were arguing and yelling at each other. Their personality did a 360 and they went back to loving each other and being nice. Noah’s and Allie’s relationship developed quickly over the course of the summer. Allie was there with her family visiting their vacation home for the summer. Allie was friends with a girl that knew Noah and they were friends. Noah’s friend Fin invited everyone to a carnival one night. When Noah laid eyes on Allie he knew that she was the one for him. He wanted to get to know her so he got her attention by hanging off the Farris wheel, asking her on a date. These people were perfect for each other and spent all day with one another. Noah did not live in a privileged family like Allie did. He worked for 5 cents a day and lived in a little house. Allie’s family was very wealthy and had a huge house they traveled to. Allie looked pasted all Noah’s financial circumstances because she loved and cared about him deeply. When Noah and Allie went to Allies home one evening her mom said that they were leaving back to their home town of Charleston. Noah did not stop Allie until it was too late and
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